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Series T

For cranes, conveyors, hoists, monorails, automated storage and retriever systems and other electrification systems

The advanced Saf-T-Bar system reflects the basic Howell engineering concept of an integral insulated conductor, which provides years of safe, economical trouble-free service. It is designed for compact, low-cost installation and minimum maintenance.
Series T conductors are fabricated of galvanized steel rated at 65 amperes and electrolytic copper rated at 200 amperes. Insulating covers are rigid PVC extrusions rated at 160°F operating temperature and Lexan extrusions rated at 260°F. Both materials are self-extinguishing.
Furnished in 10' lengths, complete with insulating cover and joint fittings. Multiple hanger supports should be used only in clean, dry indoor locations. "T" Bar is not recommended for dirty applications.

Series T SAF-T-BAR Features

  1. Twin Contact Conductor: Two internal contact grooves track the collector. Conductor configuration provides for excellent ventilation with high amperage capacity for its weight

  2. Contained Collector: Twin shoes of collector, sprung back to back into contact grooves within conductor, contain collector in correct contact alignment of conductor. Alignment of collector is not dependent on other equipment

  3. Compact Dimensions for efficient use of minimal space. One square inch per conductor

  4. Modular Design of the system facilitates use of multiple conductors easily mounted in various combinations with multiple collector assemblies

  5. Skin-Tight Insulation runs cooler; will not deform under clamp pressure

  6. Rapid Installation: Slide-on or snap-on joint clips and multi-bar, one unit mountings are features designed for quick, easy erection

  7. New Hand Safe Design available

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