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Series J

For heavy duty cranes & monorails

The advanced Saf-T-Bar system reflects the basic Howell engineering concept of an integral insulated conductor, which provides years of safe, economical trouble-free service. It is designed for compact, low-cost installation and minimum maintenance.
The Series J Conductor can be mounted in any plane. In wet atmospheres the system should be mounted on spool insulators with the conductor in the downturn position. In dirty and dusty atmospheres, mount the conductor in the downturn position. If the atmosphere is likely to cause electrical oversurface tracking, choose the spool type hanger clamps rather than the standard coated hanger clamp. Conductors are supported on brackets on 5 ft. to 7-1/2 ft. centers for all crane conductor positions.
Series J Conductors are supplied in 20' lengths, assembled complete with insulating covers. Other lengths are available. Joint fittings and covers are to be ordered separately.

Series J SAF-T-BAR Features

  1. Metal Guideways assure tracking of collector shoe. Collector tracks with or without insulating cover

  2. Flat Contact Surface for long conductor wear, a stainless steel insert providing corrosion resistance and resistance to electrical pitting

  3. Contact Shoe with flat contact surface of sintered copper and graphite, self-lubricating for effective draw of current to the collector

  4. Skin-Tight Insulation runs cooler; will not deform under clamp pressure. Standard insulation is 160°F. Higher temperature insulation to 260°F is available

  5. Compact Mounting of conductor in vertical or horizontal position without special parts for fittings

  6. Collectors are available in either single, dual head or heat sink construction

  7. Rapid Installation: Slide-on or snap-on joint clips and multi-bar, one unit mountings are features designed for quick, easy erection

  8. Hand Safe insulating cover

  9. Bolted Joint Construction provides a solid continuous rigid conductor

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When high amperage and maximum mechanical strength
is required, specify Series J Saf-T-Bar