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Series C

For cranes, conveyors, hoists, monorails, automated storage and
retriever systems and other electrification applications

The advanced Saf-T-Bar system reflects the basic Howell engineering concept of an integral insulated conductor that provides years of safe, economical trouble-free service. It is designed for compact, low-cost installation and minimum maintenance.
The Series C Conductor can be mounted in any plane. In wet and icy atmospheres, the system can be shielded with a protective hood for additional protection. In dirty and dusty atmospheres, mount the conductor in downturn position.
Insulating cover furnished as standard is orange rigid PVC extrusion, with 160°F heat distortion point at 260 psi, self-extinguishing. High heat cover furnished when specified, is red Lexan extrusion, 260°F heat distortion at 260 psi, self-extinguishing. An extra high heat fiberglass cover is available, 375°F heat distortion.
Series C Sat-T-Bar is furnished in 10 ft. lengths assembled complete with insulating cover and joint fittings. Ampere ratings are based on continuous service with a 30° C rise. Higher ratings available by increasing temperature rise and using high heat covers.

SAF-T-BAR Features

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  1. Metal Guideways (not plastic) assure positive tracking of collector shoe. Collector tracks with or without insulating cover

  2. Flat Contact Surface for long conductor wear and greatest possible sliding contact area

  3. Contact Shoe with flat contact surface of sintered copper and graphite, self-lubricating for effective draw of current to collectors

  4. Skin Tight Insulation runs cooler, will not deform under clamp pressure

  5. Compact Mounting of conductor in vertical or horizontal position without special parts or fittings

  6. Pantograph Spring suspension of collector yields even pressure to shoe throughout stroke, providing maximum electrical and mechanical performance

  7. New Hand Safe Design available
Series 'C' Specifications Resistance Factor
Conductor Catalog # Material Weight
Per Ft.
Powerfeed Joint Kit >AC - Z DC - R
CA 90 1010 Gal Steel .50 100F CJ 90 .00138 .0007
CA 110 .50 350F CJ 110 .00097 .0005
CA 250 Steel / Copper .50 350F CJ 250 .000131 .00127
CA 300 Electrolytic Copper .45 350F CJ 300 .00011 .00008
CA 350 .55 350 mcm-2 CJ 350 .00008 .00006
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Supplying the power and control
to a high-speed stacker crane

Custom curved high-heat Series C
Specify Series "C" Saf-T-Bar for Maximum Service Life
and Trouble-Free Operation