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Series 8

Saf-T-8 is fully interchangeable with the original 90 ampere and 300 ampere insulated 8 bar system. It is designed for use wherever insulated 8 bar is specified and for extensions and repairs of existing 8 bar systems. Where "or equal" is specified on new construction, it is recommended that one of Howell's modern, metal channel systems, with their superior design and functional features, be used. e.g. Saf-T-Bar Series C, Series J or Series T.
Because Saf-T-8 exactly duplicates the original insulated 8 bar system in dimension, function and specification, no new drawings or engineering are required for its use. A cross section of Saf-T-8's cover permits interchangeability with original 8 bar's hanger clamps, collectors and power feeds but requires own joint covers and end caps.
Saf-T-8 Bar can be mounted on 1-1/2" centers using the triple hanger clamp 100H3-1 and staggering the collectors. In wet, dirty or dusty atmospheres, mounting on minimum 2" centers is recommended using the insulated spool hanger clamp 100K. Outside installations should be shielded with protective hood. If pick up guides are required for system, bar must be mounted on 3" centers minimum.
Produced in 10' lengths of stainless steel (40 amperes), smoothcoat galvanized steel (90 amperes), stainless clad copper (160 amperes), copper clad steel (250 amperes) and electrolytic copper (350 amperes), Saf-T-8 is shipped assembled with joint hardware and standard insulating cover of rigid PVC extrusion, 600 volt, 160°F heat distortion pint at 264 psi, self-extinguishing. Ampere ratings are based on continuous service with a 30°C rise over ambient.
The Saf-T-8 system may be erected with Howell's connector tool or with other connector tools used in erecting pin joint bars. The components used with Saf-T-8 bar, including collectors, hanger clamps, power feeds, pick up guides and transfer guides are all interchangeable with components used with Saf-T-Bar Series C, except for end caps and joint hardware.
Adapter pins are available to connect Saf-T-8 with 8 bar systems using thinner (75 ampere) conductor material.